JSC “Shubarkol komir” for the first time shipped to its customers over 1 mln. tons of coal per month

05 november 2013

“This record is a result of hard labor of the staff and the management of the company. The contribution into such significant Shubarkol’s achievement was maid by the excavator operators on production sites – the veteran of the enterprise, a Full Cavalier of the Miner’s Glory Medal Serik Askarov, Temirkhan Fattakhov from Centralniy site, Victor Marchenkov, Aidyn Akshalov, Nurlan Maltabarov from Zapadniy site and others”, – the press-release informs.

According to ENRC, during 10 months 2013 compared with the same period 2012 the y/y growth of investments was 105.8%. Due to investments made the JSC “Shubarkol komir” conducts methodical works on replacement of mining and transport equipment with new high efficient equipment.

According to company information there are 3 modern excavators with dipper capacity of 11 and 21 cubic meters are working in the company. Together with them the dumptrucks with carrying capacity of 130-220 tons are working at overburden. This year another two “giants” were added to the fleet of dumptrucks. Three new coal haulers with carrying capacity of 60 tons were put into operation in October. Three similar coal haulers will be put into operation in November.

Within the frame of the investment program the specialized equipment was purchased. The processing equipment is replaced step by step. There are works on expansion and modernization of production infrastructure. During the shortest time the dragconveyer of sorting complex (СК-100) at East site was reconstructed, it allowed increasing the volumes of shipment for large sized coals and nut coal.

– Since the start of the mine development in 1985 till the present time over 106 mln. tons of coal is produced. Only during the recent years the production volume was increased by 1.5 times. JSC “Shubarkol komir” works stable and is developing. We have great plans ahead, – the President of the JSC “Shubarkol komir” Tuleugen Akbayev noticed.

The high calorific capacity (up to 6000 kcal/kg) and low ash-content of Shubarkol coal (within 8%) refer it to environmentally-friendly (the content of sulfur does not exceed 0.6%.) Together with the main production the JSC “Shubarkol komir” implements projects on deep coal processing. In 2006 it commissioned the plant LLP “Sary-Arka Speckoks” for production of speckoks – the reducing agent for ferroalloy industry of Kazakhstan. To ensure in-house needs in electrical energy in 2011 the JSC “Shubarkol komir” had commissioned the first stage of power complex working with the use of utilized coke gas with power consumption of 1.6 MW.

JSC “Shubarkol komir” was the first among the collieries of the Republic, which implemented integrated management system according to three international standards for quality, environment and occupational safety. It resulted in increase of consumers both in the Republic and abroad.

JSC “Shubarkol komir” is a member of ENRC. The main scope of production activity: open-pit coal mining. Subsidiary – LLP “Sary-Arka Speckoks” with capacity up to 300 thousand tons of speckoks per annum. The number of employees as of September 30, 2013 was 2467.

ENRC is a leading diversified group of companies in the field of production and minerals processing with integrated mining, processing, energy providing, transport and marketing enterprises. The production assets of the Group are mainly located in the Republic of Kazakhstan and include: TNC Kazchrom, Zhairem Mining and Processing Works, Sokolvsko-Sarbaisk Mining and Processing Production Enterprise (SSGPO), Alyuminii Kazakhstana, Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant (KEP), Eurasian Energy Corporation (EEK), Shubarkol komir and ENRC Logistics. The other assets, first of all Subdivisions of other non-ferrous metals, are mainly located in Africa and include assets on cooper and cobalt production Boss Mining, Camrose, Frontier, SMKK, Dezita, Chambishi Metals PLC, and also some projects on production of coal, manganese, bauxite, platina and fluorite. ENRC also consists of Serov plant of ferrous-based alloys in Russia, Bahia Minerals BV (BML) and Mineração Minas Bahia SA (MIBA), projects on ironstone exploration in Brazilia, and also 13.5% of shares in Northam Platinum Limited, one of the leading platinum producers in South Africa. At the moment over 75 000 people are working in the Group, of them 69 000 – in Kazakhstan.

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