In Karaganda region will be built two new electric power stations.

08 november 2013

As for the availability of vital facilities of the Karaganda region for the upcoming autumn -winter season - Kassimov noted that the preparation was successful, and even gave the appropriate balance of work carried out by the figures. According to him , this year to repair the electrical, thermal and water networks have been allocated over 32 billion tenge. By joining acts were completed in 762 educational facilities , 306 health facilities , community facilities and 320 6522 tenement houses. Prepared equipment of all 63 boilers.

Repaired 154 kilometers of heating systems, 159 water and sewage pipes, and electrical networks 4406. To local boilers, heated homes and social facilities, the volume of imported fuel for the entire heating season.

Kasimov also noted that the funds invested by the owners annually stations and repair program significantly improved the condition of regional heating plants. At the same time, the number of accidents decreased significantly: from 140 to 89 over the past 4 years.


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