Introduction of Market energy capacities will make the payment differentiated scheme

06 march 2014

Nurjan Utegulov, an expert:

There will be two types of payment. In the case, when the tariff for the electricity bill is on, there will be two types of rates: a payment for the power, but we do not introduce all the power again, only the new ones. And all the costs will be distributed to all consumers, because all consumers will pay, so, the growth of this magnitude will be relatively small, because a very large number of consumers will be distributed. And they will not go specifically to those consumers who will only receive on this power plant.

It is clear that every consumer affects the reliability of consuming the capacity, so the capacity payments - very fair mechanism. And the model of the market, I believe that is considered in Kazakhstan, will be introduced with an effect from 2016, it is very fair, especially since it will provide a sufficiently high efficiency construction of new power plants.
Experts believe that the market of the capacity will have a good impact on the competitive environment, as in this case, the priority is given to those producers who have more energy efficiency and will spend less resource.

Nurjan Utegulov, an expert:

Electricity charges will be based only on operating costs, they will not enter the investment component, so, it will significantly increase competition in the electricity market. A competitive market reduces the cost of electricity because of the fact that it reduces the cost of the production on more efficient plants. And they will be demanded primarily by electricity.
Irina Isakin


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