Ukraine will supply towers for wind farms in Kazakhstan

04 november 2013

"The first batch sent from Kramatorsk towers in Kazakhstan. They are designed for the first wind farm in Emertau" - said the project manager of the Kazakh company "Furlender" Eugene Pavljuk.

The right to perform large-scale wind power machine manufacturers order Kazakh Kramators'k won the tender, Eugene continued Pavljuk. "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi" Kazakhstan will supply 22 steel towers a hundred meters and as much wind power capacity of 2 MW each. Their diameter blades is equal to almost one hundred meters. Overall capacity of the first wind farm in Emertau that in the Akmola region, will be 45 MW. This is sufficient for the needs of the whole city.

Is already laying the foundation for future wind turbines. Installation of wind turbines in themselves Emertau scheduled for May next year. His master will perform a special unit Kramatorsk "Furlender."

It is assumed that after the execution of the Kazakh Kramatorsk order will be fulfilled orders for power units and towers for wind farms in Lutugino Anthracite and Lugansk region. For them to be made on such ten wind turbines.

Project "Furlender" was presented at the VI International Investment Summit in Donetsk. Recall Summit was held October 17 and 18. The theme this year was "Sustainable development: energy efficiency, resource conservation, environmental safety." Summit Partners made of Rinat Akhmetov's SCM DTEK and Metinvest.


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