Almaty hosted a conference on energy efficiency in industry

01 november 2013

Conference was organized by Representative office of the German Economy in Central Asia.

From Almaty in Kazakhstan Representative office provides consulting services to numerous German companies in all markets in Central Asia. Also inform and advise local businesses on business opportunities in Germany.

Representative office of the German economy in Central Asia represents the interests of the German economy before important political and economic players in these countries, reflects the interests, wishes and ideas of German companies in the ministries, trade unions and chambers of commerce in the field.

The report "Energy Saving Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan" made by the Director of the Department for energy conservation and efficiency JSC "Kazahenergoexpertise."

The conference opened topics such as: "Energy in Germany: Political magnitude of change in the energy field", "Energy Efficiency - made in Germany: National Goals, Challenges and Prospects", "Energy Efficiency in Industry: technologies and approaches", "Funding Opportunities: innovative approaches to financing energy efficiency technologies"

Also held a series of presentations of German firms: Doepke Schaltgeräte, HELIOS VENTILATOREN GMBH & CO KG, Theben AGi etc.

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