Astana hosted a workshop on energy efficiency and energy saving on January 20, 2014

20 january 2014

The seminar was attended by the Minister of Environment and Water Resources Minister N.Kapparov , president of NAC " Kazatomprom " Shkolnik , Acting Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Velichkov .

Program of the seminar began with specially organized for participants factory tour " Astana Solar", which  was held by the company's CEO V. Soviet . Plant for the production of photovoltaic modules for solar power generation was launched in December 2012 with the participation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and now markets its products on the domestic market. The event participants received detailed information about the current state and prospects of the development of the plant.

A presentation on the status and prospects of promoting " green " economy in Kazakhstan was made by the director of REC "Green Academy " , PhD, Professor B. Yessekina . About the legislation of Kazakhstan in the field of renewable energy and measures to attract investors to the sector was  told by  the director of the Department of "green" technologies and investment of MoE RK A. Sospanova.
During the seminar implementation of Kazakhstan’s renewable energy projects were discussed. For example: a plant for the production of photovoltaic modules were considered the possibility of using solar energy. On the implementation of projects in the field of wind energy was told by the Deputy General Director of LLP "Samruk Green Energy" N. Kapenov .

On the practical part of the workshop, participants learned about energy management with international experience , and learned basics of energy management at the enterprise in accordance with ISO 9001-14001 and ISO 50001:2001. The trainers were the executive director of the Kazakhstan Business Association for Sustainable Development G. Artyukhina and Deputy General Director of LLP "National Accreditation Center "S. Kurmangaliyev .

In the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050 " and the Concept of Transition of Kazakhstan to the "green" economy set specific targets to improve energy efficiency of the economy and development of alternative energy . According to the concept, by 2020 the share of renewable energy in Kazakhstan should be up to 3 % of the total electricity generated , and by 2030 - 10%.

Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan defined a single purchaser of energy generated RES - Settlement and financial center in support of renewable energy. Deputy General Director of LLP "Settlement and financial center to support renewable energy” told about functions of the new organization. B. Baybatshaev . The Centre will undertake regulation of relations in the field of purchase of energy from renewable and alternative sources of energy by contracting with all facilities that are producing electricity from renewable energy sources and distribution of purchased electricity.

It is expected that after 2025 RES will compete with traditional sources of power generation , and will not need state support. Advantages of RES are as in the breadth of the spectrum, so and their availability, resource potential and environmental performance of its production. Therefore, the development of renewable energy , without a doubt - an important factor in the modernization of the economy.

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