Center for Project Management

Center for Project Management

Tasks and functions:

- Formation, maintenance and implementation of the Energy Efficiency Card (information, analytical, consulting services);

- expert and analytical support of activities ensuring the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Map;

- implementation of the state policy in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement in the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- development of a market development strategy for energy service companies;

- search, selection, examination and inclusion of projects in the Energy Efficiency Card (financial and technical consultations);

- cooperation with local executive bodies;

- formation of the list of energy service companies (register);

- holding round tables.


Dauren Maidan - Director of the Center for Project Management

Alma Alkeyeva - Deputy Director of the Center for Project Management

Tel.: +7 (717) 291-65-76

Tel.: +7 (717) 291-65-74

Tel.: +7 (717) 291-65-73

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