16 may 2019

Astana Economic Forum 2019


The Astana Economic Forum is the annual central business event of Eurasia.

Over the past 11 years, the Astana Economic Forum (AEF) has gained the status of one of the most influential international platforms for discussing issues of improving and developing the global economy and the financial system. The Forum was attended by about 50,000 delegates from 150 countries, including more than 20 Nobel laureates and 30 high-level foreign politicians.

Within the framework of the congress, more than 300 memorandums and agreements were concluded for an amount exceeding $ 20 billion.

The speakers of the forum at various times were politicians, scientists and economists, journalists and public figures of the world level, representatives of international organizations, financial institutions and business elites.

The AEF theme is updated annually and covers a wide range of problems and challenges of global development, as well as sets the coordinates for a wide field of discussion.

Rapid and dramatic changes in the economies of countries, the social sphere, digital technologies, production and consumption, as well as the technological transition that is taking place in front of us, formed the basis of the theme of the Astana Economic Forum - INSPIRING GROWTH: PEOPLE, CITIES, AND ECONOMIES.

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