Energy efficiency map

Energy efficiency map

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Energy efficiency map

Within the framework of the implementation of the 59th Step of the Nation Plan "100 concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms", the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement" (hereinafter referred to as the Law) was amended to create and maintain an energy efficiency map. By Order No. 1130 of the Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 30, 2015, the JSC "Institute for the Development of Electric Power and Energy Saving (Kazakh Energy Expertise)" (hereinafter - the Institute) was determined by the National Development Institute in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency.

According to Article 20 of the Law, the Institute creates and maintains an energy efficiency map, carries out the selection, examination and inclusion of projects in the energy efficiency map (financial, legal and technical advice).

In order to achieve the objectives, set by the Head of State, and also, the implementation of the Law, the Institute began to search for projects in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency, ready for financing on the basis of an energy service contract.

The energy service contract includes the implementation by a specialized energy service company of a set of works on the introduction of energy-saving technologies at the customer's enterprise at the expense of funds raised by the energy service company (own, credit), with reimbursement of own expenses and obtaining financial profit from the actually achieved energy savings.

The introduction of energy-saving technologies is a matter of survival in the market of each particular enterprise, its competitiveness and development prospects. And the most acceptable option for action, in the absence of own funds, is modernization using an energy service contract.

The main fundamental difference of the energy service contract from other types of financing for energy saving measures is that the company does not need to invest its own funds. That is, the company gets the opportunity to purchase new equipment and introduce energy-efficient technologies without incurring financial costs.

In the event of the conclusion of an energy service contract, most of the financial risks are borne by the energy service company. All costs for the project are reimbursed due to the energy savings received.

Currently, negotiations are under way with domestic and international energy service companies to involve them in the implementation of energy efficiency projects, a list of energy service companies will be formed soon.

Detailed information can be obtained from the following numbers

Phone: + 7 7172 91 65 73, +7 7172 91 65 74


Energy efficiency map

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