Energy saving in the public sector

29 july 2022
Energy saving in the public sector

As you know, a targeted policy in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency is being implemented today. Since 2011, a new energy efficiency policy has been launched, in 2012 a legislative framework was created and the main regulatory instruments such as the State Energy Register, Energy Audit, and state Control were formed. But at the same time, according to the International Energy Agency, over the past 5 years in Kazakhstan, the consumption of energy resources by the population has increased by 27%, including the consumption of the budget sector and buildings has increased by 13%. The sector of buildings and housing and communal services is the main one in terms of energy consumption in Kazakhstan (43% of electricity consumption, industry consumes 31%), which includes multi-apartment residential buildings and individual housing construction, which are the main consumers of utilities. On average, residential buildings in Kazakhstan consume three times more energy per unit area than developed European countries. Thus, the available statistical data indicate that there are a huge number of buildings belonging to state or municipal property in the republic and serving to provide socially significant services.

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