Useful information about the Association of Energy Efficient Cities

Useful information about the Association of Energy Efficient Cities

At the moment, Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has ambitious objectives to achieve GDP growth of at least 30 % by 2020 and to provide 10 % energy intensity’s reduction by 2015. In order to fulfill the above orders of the Head of the state, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan has actively pursued a policy of energy saving and efficiency, including some practices  to attract foreign investment. Ministry of Industry and New Technologies also introduces international best practices by enhancing international cooperation in energy saving and efficiency sector.

One of the topical examples is the partnership with the Association of Energy Efficient Cities of the European Union within which an agreement on cooperation with the European Commission's Directorate was signed. JSC Institute of Electricity development and Energy Saving (Kazakhenergoexpertise) is defined as the national coordinator for the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the execution of the program «Covenants of Mayors».

«Covenant of Mayors" is an European initiative, which calls on local and regional authorities to the process of increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories by the development and implementation of plans for sustainable energy development.

According to this Agreement, City-signers undertake voluntary commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their territories as a result of the action plans implementation for sustainable energy development. The proposed tool for the sustainable energy development plan, in particular, provides at least 20 % reduction of CO2 emissions.

Key players can be big and small cities, other urban areas, the share of which normally accounts for over 70 % of the emissions of CO2.

At the moment «Covenants of Mayors" is practiced in 46 countries with more than 3,700 signatories  and introduction of this program to Kazakhstan will be a unique platform for discussion, as well as a good way of taking over the best experience of European countries in improving energy efficiency . In addition, it is more than 9 million people who are already involved in the Covenant of Mayors positioning in cities that are parties to the Agreement of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia.

Thus, “Covenants of Mayors” in Kazakhstan, as in other European countries, will contribute to the development of the green economy and improving the quality of life in cities.

Expected results of signing "Covenant of Mayors":

1) Creating a positive image of the city;

2) Support from the European Commission ( the potential development of the city to manage its own energy , the improvement of the Plan of Action for the Sustainable Energy Development, creating a network of energy managers and providing training for them);

3) Attracting additional investment to the city;

4) New job openings;

5) Public announcement about the additional commitments on the CO2 emissions reduction;

6) The creation or strengthening the system of CO2 emissions reduction in the territory;

7) Sharing experiences with other cities in Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (including taking part in study visits to countries that have successfully working on the Covenant of Mayors).

Today, JSC Institute of Electricity development and Energy Saving (Kazakhenergoexpertise), as the official coordinator of the program in the Republic of Kazakhstan, starts looking for cities willing to join the Association" Covenant of Mayors" and is ready to provide the necessary information support.

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