Data and operations center

Data and operations center

Tasks and functions:

- Formation and maintenance of the State Energy Registry in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- stimulation of introduction of new technologies and formation of effective channels to raise awareness and broadcast best practices and best practices in energy saving and energy efficiency;

- implementation of the state policy in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency;

- collection, processing and storage of information provided by subjects of the ERT;

- interaction with local executive bodies and other state bodies to obtain confirmation of liquidation, re-registration, suspension of activities, reorganization, renaming of GER subjects;

- analysis of energy resources consumption of GER subjects, as well as their comparative analysis with the previous year;

- conducting an analytical study on the energy intensity of the gross domestic product and the efficiency of the use of energy resources in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Data and operations center


Yerlan Bokayev



deputy Director

Alma Alzhanova



deputy Director

Akmarzhan Kenzhebayeva




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