29 november 2019

At the initiative of international ecological network “School Project for Application of Recourses and Energy” (SPARE), November 11 was announced to be the Energy Saving Day. The decision was adopted in Aptil 2008 at the international conference of SPARE coordinators, which was held in Kazakhstan. In November 2008 the world celebtrated the first Energy Saving Day. This Day has received the status “International” as 20 countries wanted to join the project. The purpose of the holiday is to draw attention of authorities and the public to the sustainable use of recources and renewable energy as it can help to reduce the pollution of environment.


In his address, the Head of State set tasks for the further development of the country's resource potential and increasing the requirements for energy efficiency. The issues of energy saving and energy efficiency are an integral part of ecology, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

International Forum on Energy Conservation is dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of Energy Saving. In 2019, the Forum will be held for the second time. The Forum will help establish useful contacts and effective business communication between representatives of government agencies, akimats, large industrial enterprises, energy auditing and energy service companies and experts from near and far abroad.

"Today, there is no doubt that energy efficiency is one of the main trends in the global "green" economy»

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Roman Sklyar

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