22 may 2019

MinTech - Oskemen 2019

According Participants opinions holding of MinTech Exhibitions directly in the main industrial regions of Kazakhstan, is well-taken, as its allow to get acquainted with the new technologies and equipment to the wide range of specialists from different enterprises.

Directors and specialists of largest companies had an opportunity to analyze the situation in this field, to get acquainted with the new technologies and equipment of foreign and domestic production, to establish relationships for further fruitful cooperation.

THE MAIN SECTORS of the Exhibition:

  • Mineral and fuel-energy resources: prediction, geological prospecting, processing and concentration.
  • Mining machines and equipment: quarry and mine transport, boring, excavating and ore-dressing equipment, instruments.
  • Automatic control system of mining production.
  • Metallurgy (facilities, equipment and technologies for processing, melting, casting, rolling etc.).
  • Technologies and equipment for surface mining and underground mining for coal washing and deep processing of coal
  • Power engineering (electricity, hydro, heat and nuclear power, alternative and renewable power).
  • Power Machinery and electrical equipment, power heat and gas supply system.
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection.
  • Technology security protection, rescue work.
  • Logistical support of the industries: outfit, security facilities, etc.


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