Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Briefly about the company 

As per the Decree of the Government of Kazakhstan Republic № 1294 from November 30, 2013 JSC "Electric power and energy saving development Institute" (hereinafter - Institute) was established through renaming of JSC “Kazakh energy expertise”, - as a national branch institute of electricity and energy saving development authorized for the implementation of measures of state support of industrial innovation activity in these areas.

Prerequisites of company establishment 

The basis of Institute establishment was the need of Institute formation with state participation to carry out national tasks through authorized and other public authorities in the fields of electric power, and in such adjacent areas like coal industry, renewable energy usage, energy saving and energy efficiency - analytical, consulting and expertise to solve problems.

Our goals 

1. Active participation in the implementation of energy efficiency policies.

2. Reduce energy intensity of Kazakhstan's GDP by 25% by 2020, by 50% by 2050.

Our functions 

1. Formation and maintenance of State energy roster.

2. Creation and maintenance of energy efficiency Map.

3. Cooperation with international organizations in order to attract informational, educational and financial resources to promote energy saving development.

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