Useful information for subjects of the State Energy Registry

Useful information for subjects of the State Energy Registry

In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Rules of formation and maintenance of the State Energy Registry, approved by the Government Decree № 143 from February 18, 2013, subjects must provide information in accordance with the forms.

Form 1 . General data of the legal entity.

Form 2 . Information on production and consumption, transmission and loss of energy resources in real terms for the calendar year _____

Form 3 . Information on the consumption and loss of water in real and in money terms for the calendar year _____

Form 4 . Action plan on energy conservation and efficiency on the basis of the energy audit , as well as additions and ( or) changes to the plan   ( the form is filled only upon the conclusion of your past energy audit , in accordance with the requirements of the Law " On energy saving and energy efficiency ")

Form 5 . The results of the execution plan of energy conservation and energy efficiency for _____ calendar year (to be filled only with a completed Form 4 )

Form 6 . Actual energy consumption per unit of production, and (or) energy consumption for heating per unit area of buildings and structures on the calendar year _____

Form 7. Information about the equipment of commercial metered energy.

Attention, subjects of the State Energy Registry (hereinafter SER) !

  • The required information must be given according to the information in 2012.
  • Samples (of 7 samples)in soft version (MS Office Excel) to be sent to the executor operator SER, which is listed in your letter to check the complete and correct information you submit.
  • After the review, full details of the responsible person, title, contact details and signature must necessarily be given in a paper version of the sample.
  • A hard and a soft copy of the forms with a cover letter and a chief’s signature must be submitted without failing by the deadline.
  • Please strictly follow the above mentioned points .

Best regards,
Operator of the State Energy Registry

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