Magazine "Energy of Kazakhstan"

Magazine "Energy of Kazakhstan"

“Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine

Attention of the readers and subscribers of “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine

From the Editor

First and significant year of the issue of “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine was left behind. Getting ready to print the next issue, we asked the question: how would we like to see the publication ?

In the first place, we would like to see it as a living reflection of real life and problems. As an information bridge between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Committee for the Control and State Energy Supervision and representatives of the energy sector of the country , “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine aims to be a national discussion platform aiming at the development of business, partnership and friendly relations among the energy entities of various fields.

This magazine is dedicated to those who are involved in building the present and future - ENERGY. It is dedicated for those whose professional activity is connected with the provision of electricity and heat to the towns and villages of the country, for example electricians, miners , specialists in the oil and gas industry, hydroelectric workers , innovators who implement alternative and renewable energy, or simply an energy Department student. Electricity specific questions that inevitably arise during implementation of country's energy independence and the creation its energy security cannot always answered in action. But it is quite possible to solve them in discussion conversational format on our professional journal.

We are ready to bring your concerns to public discussion. Our dialogue platform is a platform for professionals of all areas in the energy sector in order to find solutions of various levels.

We would like to see a professional debate which leads to the effectiveness of a professional dialogue , and his rational arguments have been used in daily practice.

Representing a link between the industry’s management and the enterprises of the country’s energy sector, we will continue to cover the current challenges of energy, innovative approaches to solving energy problems, questions of reconstruction and modernization of domestic energy, energy efficiency , energy control, energy management, and conduction of energy audits for businesses and organizations.

                                                                                                                                                 Sincerely, Gulmira Sarbasova
                                                                                                                                   “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine

Informative- analytical magazine

Distribution: The territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Description: “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine is the informative publication of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The publication is intended for employees of the energy sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of their ownership.

Subject:  magazine for employees of the energy sector of Kazakhstan.

Frequency: 1 time in two months.

Number of pages: 70 pages

Contact Information

Contact: Sarbasova Gulmira Adilovna , editor in chief .

Mailing address : 010000 , Astana city,  Imanov St. , 19 , office 904

Phone: 8 ( 7172) 78 73 91



Instructions for authors!

Requirements and conditions for publication

Editorial office take into consideration any articles on the profile of the magazine. Scientific, technical, analytical (not advertising) are published free of charge.

On any questions about the publication you can contact by Tel 8(7172)78 73 91 or by E-Mail:

Technical requirements: Materials can be submitted electronically (Word) or a printed form. The volume of articles offered for publication for one issue of the journal, should not exceed 15-20 pages of A4 .

The article must include the following:

- The name of the article;

- Full name of the author;

- A brief summary of the author ( current position, rank, graduated from , an expert in the field , experience in the energy sector ) + photo (optional) and contact information ;

- Links to photos and illustrations presented in the text.

The illustrations must be formats *. Tif, *. Jpg, *. Eps, *. Pdf, *. Cdr with a resolution of 300dpi and in separate files (please do not paste them into word file!).

Note: The contents of articles, the accuracy of the facts and terminology are under the responsibility of the authors. Submitted materials, photographs and drawings are not returned, the manuscript will not be reviewed. Editorial opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the author.

Attention ! The subscription to the journal in 2013.

To subscribe for “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine it is necessary to:

- Fill out the order form and send it by e-mail to

Name *

Company *

Legal address *

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Telephone, fax *

E-mail *

"“Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine Subscription for 2013

TOTAL amount tenge.

I quarter

II 2nd half

TOTAL , with taxes and postage costs 1,775 tenge

Number of copies *

- Contact the editors by 8 ( 7172) 78 73 91, 96 86 09.

Download a standard contract for the delivery of “Kazakhstan’s Electric Energy” magazine. 


Magazine "Energy of Kazakhstan"
04 march 2012
"Energy in Kazakhstan" Issue #1

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