According to the PPP project "Modernization and operation of electric networks of outdoor lighting in the city of Ekibastuz of Pavlodar region"

02 november 2018
According to the PPP project "Modernization and operation of electric networks of outdoor lighting in the city of Ekibastuz of Pavlodar region"

On September 27, 2017, an agreement on the PPP project "Modernization and operation of electric networks of outdoor lighting in the city of Pavlodar" was signed between the State Institution "Department of Energy and Housing of the Pavlodar region" and "Gorelektroset" LLP and "PROLUX LED"LLP.

In the city of Ekibastuz, as part of the implementation of the PPP project, 3,498 units of light points were replaced with LED, 61 ASUS were installed, 82.2 km of wire was replaced with SIP.

 The cost of servicing street lighting before modernization was (EE consumption-98,177 thousand tenge, maintenance-13,970. 2 thousand tenge) - 112,147. 2 thousand tenge.

Project implementation period: 1 year-modernization;

7 years-trust management.

The project cost is 746 376 thousand tenge.

Reimbursement of state obligations for the entire period of the PPP contract – 1,480,578. 4 thousand tenge.

The cost of servicing street lighting after modernization will amount to (EE consumption – 39,270. 8 thousand tenge (due to saving EE consumption by 60%), current repairs (costs of maintaining street lighting) - 24,413. 9 thousand tenge) - 63,684. 7 thousand tenge.

Currently, all the work is 100% completed. On September 13 of this year, the state partner 2 of the State Institution "Department of Housing and Communal Services PT and AD of the Akimat of the city of Ekibastuz" transferred the state property of street lighting to the trust management of the private partner 1 of Gorelektroset LLP. In September 2018, a payment was made to private partners in the amount of 166,309. 86 thousand tenge in accordance with the schedule for fulfilling state obligations.

The electric energy savings of the modernized street lighting in Ekibastuz for August 2018 compared to the same period of 2017 amounted to:

Consumption for August 2017: 232,106 thousand kWh

Consumption for August 2018: 99,350 thousand kWh

The savings on consumption amounted to 57.2%.

In addition, there were no facts of lamp burnouts this year, while 595 lamps were replaced last year.

At the same time, thanks to the implementation of the project, we receive the following benefits:  

- modernization of street lighting in the city of Ekibastuz with the use of modern LED technologies, the introduction of ASUNO;

- reducing the cost of electricity consumption by street lighting by at least 60%;

- reduced maintenance costs for street lighting thanks to the dispatch center and the lighting control system;

- increasing the service life of street lighting thanks to LED lamps up to 100,000 hours (on average 15 years or more), which exceeds the service life of sodium lamps by 6-8 times (13 000 – 15 000 hours);

- an increase in the luminous flux by 30-40% emitted by LED lamps compared to DRL and DNaT;

- complete absence of the harmful effect of low-frequency pulsations, which eliminates eye fatigue;

- automation of control and management of the outdoor lighting network;

- providing automatic, remote and local control of street lighting;

- automation of technical accounting of consumed energy;

- operational display of the equipment status and emergency events;

- improving the reliability of the object control system and the trouble-free lighting process;

- reduction of electrical energy losses on SIP wires;

- exclusion of cases of electric shock among the population;

- reduction of network loads with the possibility of connecting additional capacities;

- installation of dismantled lamps on unlit areas, increasing the level of illumination of the city.

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