Kenya's ambitious plans in the field of solar energy

20 january 2014

Senior Executive Association  of Kenya’s renewable, Cliff Owiti said: "The costs associated with the production of hydroelectric power is very high, considering that they are under the influence of low water levels in major dams. At high investments in solar energy, we will witness the almost complete absence of outages and energy costs will be reduced. "

Indication that solar energy has a great future in Kenya was the construction of the plant, which opened in 2011, and currently they are engaged in manufacturing solar panels.
According to The Guardian, a professor of economics at the University of Nairobi Germano Mwabu said "sunny " plan can have a dramatic impact on energy prices . "When the project is completed and solar energy will be used extensively, energy costs can be reduced by 80 %."

Kenya occupies 22th place in Africa in the number of electricity generation and 46th in the world in the number of solar energy generation. But it can take the third place in terms of solar energy, generated over the next four years, according to the State Committee of energy management .

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