Experts have identified the end date of the diesel era.

22 october 2013

Some believe that the future for them, while others are confident that they will soon doomed to oblivion. Of course, electric cars are slowly but surely taking over more and more market share, but this process is not as fast, which predicted a few years ago.

New forecasts recently shared a British company ABI Research. Its experts write that the increase in sales of electric vehicles by 2020 will be 48%. This does not include outlet hybrid machine with a range extender. By the way, by the same date and predict end of the era of diesel.

According to the agency, the number of electric vehicles shipped in 2020 will increase from the current 150,000 per year to 2.36 million, experts believe that it will happen because of the active support of the Asian market, electric regarded as an effective way to deal with pollution. In 2020, authorities in many countries and automobile magnates will support the development of alternative technologies that will increase the income of manufacturing companies.

Today, the most favorable for electricians countries considered the Netherlands, Japan, Scandinavia, the U.S. and Germany partially.


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