SCO energy club will not be able to create a counterweight to OPEC

17 january 2014

However, the chances to become a counterweight to OPEC in the newly established club, according to experts, are slim.

Similar associations are formed to pursue common interests and synergies in a given sector. But today this union, according to Oleg Yegorov, chief researcher at the Institute of Economics, Ministry of Education and Science, can hardly something to bring members of the association. Their point of view expert explains that the relationship in the energy sector have already been established and without the help of the Energy. Union, he said, will only regular structure with a bloated staff, and, respectively, and the cost of its maintenance. By assumption, Oleg Yegorov, no useful results in the form of specific projects to expect from such a union is not necessary.

"The impact of this association in the foreseeable future will not be noticed even on the policy of members of this club, not to mention the global market", - said Sergey Smirnov, an analyst in the oil industry. Said association, according to the analyst, while operating in the format protocol of intentions. And in this case it does not matter what the intentions and objectives pursued by this alliance.

Moreover, Mr. Smirnov doubt that SCO energy club over the years and will acquire the authority to influence the global energy market. In this association, in his view, personal interests will dominate overall, this is a problem all of our integration organizations. "Members of these organizations strive for the expense of others to buy something, but in the end no one gets nothing," - said Sergey Smirnov.

In the first place, according to the expert, you need to build relationships within the association. While these organizations do not understand the need to give something small to get more results from such organizations should not wait.

Work Unions, says Mr. Yegorov, will be effective only if the authority will make a decision on the construction of any objects in the energy sector in terms of financing such projects and timing of their implementation. But it's unclear whether this association to solve such problems.

With regard to defend their interests in the energy sector is much more favorable to Kazakhstan to create a similar association in the framework of the Customs Union (CU). In the first place it would be beneficial for the electricity sector of the republic. However, at this point in the TA discusses only the creation of a common market of oil and gas in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. This market can be formed by 1 January 2015. Creating a common oil and gas market motivated by the fact that the oil and gas sector is included in the system of global interests of all three countries - participants of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space (CES).

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