Energy-saving technologies are being actively implemented by enterprises of Taldykorgan

23 december 2013

Factory sent their funds for the purchase and installation of solar panels through the use of which, the industrial giant intends to meet their own needs, not only electricity, but also warm and hot water.

"This method of managing fully meets the basic principle of state environmental strategy " Green Economy "- said the head of the coordinating and supervisory board " Kaynar AKB " Kuanish Azhmagambetov .

According to him, factory workers are ready to start the production of their own power plants

"Seeing a good result, kaynarovtsy expressed willingness to make solar. Preparing to land on the territory of "Kaynar battery" under the larger solar station, annual capacity of 3 MW. A further increase in its efficiency up to 10 MW , "- said A. Azhmagambetov .

During the construction of the energy facility will be used by the corporate experience of South African engineers. In parallel, also, producing domestic solar panels, "Kaynar" intends to implement their customers at an affordable price with warranty service, in the range of 30 to 50 thousand tenge.

"This will make the availability of solar popular among the population. To some extent, they will reduce the ecological pressure on the environment and reduce the level of harmful emissions, save money that used to purchase fuel "- summed A. Azhmagambetov .

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