IHS Technology: Global energy consumption can be reduced to a quarter in 2020

05 march 2014

"Problems with electricity supply are solved by t banning the inefficient light sources worldwide, - said the expert on energy saving of IHS Technology Uilyam Rhodes, - when appropriate restrictive measures come into force, business and home consumers have to use more fuel-efficient LED bulbs."

At the same time, according to Rhodes, a private sector and a business  continue to use the older, but cheaper sources of lighting - fluorescent and halogen lamps. In particular, fluorescent lamps consume 25% more electricity, but are, on average, 87% cheaper than LED bulbs.

By IHS Technology forecasts, the cost of LED lamps will gradually decline, thus making them more attractive to the consumer. In addition, they are more aesthetically pleasing and can be used in interior solutions, the researchers said.




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