Implementation of the project "Increase energy efficiency in Kazakhstan"

04 march 2021
Implementation of the project "Increase energy efficiency in Kazakhstan"

Electric power and energy saving development institute (Kazakhenergyexpertise) intends to attract loans from the World Bank in the amount of USD 100 million for the modernization of about 500 socially significant facilities.

The implementation of this initiative will provide an opportunity to provide 13,000 people with jobs during the construction period, purchase of local content worth 24 billion tenge, which will ensure the development of domestic production.

In addition, it is expected to receive annual savings of budgetary funds in the amount of 3 billion tenge and tax receipts to the budget in the amount of 4.5 billion tenge.

The terms of financing from the World Bank will be discussed at the stage of preparation and justification of the project. The implementation of the project on the scale will be attended by members of the Register of domestic producers and suppliers, and suppliers of energy-saving materials, equipment and technologies.

Recall that since 2015, the institute, together with the World Bank, has been implementing the project "Increase Energy Efficiency in Kazakhstan", the amount of grant funds is $ 21.7 million. As part of this project, work is underway to modernize 96 social facilities. According to the results of energy monitoring at the implemented facilities, the average annual energy savings at one facility is 30% for thermal energy and 15% for electricity.

For example, in the school of the city of Karaganda, budget savings were achieved - 1 million tenge / year (19%). The planned savings after the modernization of all 96 social facilities will amount to about 40% of energy resources.

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