"Innovation Park in southern Kazakhstan will build solar-fuel station at 300 mW"

03 march 2014

Also, he added that in February 2013 there were already about 150 tasks created, against which more than 60 solution concepts were developed. In addition, he said, Innovation Park ENU named under L.N. Gumilev developed several projects in Kyzylorda region and the strategy of innovative development of the region within which several projects were identified.

"This is the construction of solar- fuel station at 300 megawatts, is a very large source of energy, which will primarily supply the metallurgical cluster of electrical energy. The second project - OASIS based on the bioplantatsy, i.e. it is associated with the agribusiness sector, and the development of renewable energy biomass, and an increased level of social rural people. With this project we want to increase the standard of living in general. OASIS project includes farms, factories for the production of fuel, dairy, meat products, by-products, source of energy , waste disposal stations, etc. "- said the director of the park .

Also, he noted that there is a project for the area, involving the construction of a factory for the production of paper from rice waste, namely thatch, as this area of rice-growing. Moreover, next project will be the construction of three roadside complexes of an A Group of the future highway "Western Europe - Western China".

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