How to turn ordinary trainers into power generator?

15 january 2014
How to turn ordinary trainers into power generator?

Creating Pedipower, students were guided by data analysis laboratory motor activity Children's Hospital in Houston. On the basis of this information, and has developed an innovative power generating system - block with a special lever, which is fixed to the heel area of footwear during walking and running.

"In the laboratory, we studied the distribution of forces in the foot, to see what parts of it have a maximum surface pressure, and hence are able to produce more energy. It turned out that the heel and toes. We decided to push off from the first one, because the maximum load when walking, if a person is certainly not a sprinter, comes on the heels "- tell Pedipower creators.

When walking, a person clicks on the foot lever, driving gear generator, which produces a current. Current is supplied through the wires to the battery, which can be worn on a belt or in a pocket, and the battery - on the gadget.

It seems that the shoes for these super agent enriched with a new gadget. While only released prototype device that has a bulky size and generates an average of only 400 milliwatts of power. However, the developers promise improved Pedipower, reducing its size without sacrificing power. The authors of the project are confident that in the near future power generation unit owners will be able to charge Pedipower walking mobile phones and MP3-players.

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