Kazakhstan has started the foundation of the energy saving policy

09 october 2013

"Currently, we have laid the foundation for the energy saving policy and Kazakhstan's transition to a green economy. The Kazakh government set ambitious targets for energy efficiency to achieve GDP growth of at least 30 % by 2020 and to 10 % reduction in the energy intensity of the country by 2015 and a 25 % reduction in energy intensity of GDP by 2020 ", - Serik Turchekenov informed.

"This year we adopted a program of energy saving by 2020 . This program is divided into two stages. The first one is for 2013-2015 years. Energy audits will be conducted in industry, including energy sector , as well as in the public sector . According to the results of energy audits, energy conservation plans and budgeting will be developed for enterprises. Large-scale modernization of industrial and energy activities Will begin ", - he said.

The second phase, which is planned for 2016-2020, will be held in accordance with the results of the energy audit which is the main stage of the modernization of industry and energy.

«Actions on thermo modernization of houses, public sector, upgrading the fleet, the transition to LED lighting , energy-efficient construction are developed. By modernizing energy redistribution of metallurgy, petrochemical industry will be achieved by a significant reduction in the consumption of energy resources ", - S.Turchekenov  added. 

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