Kazakhstan ranked the 58th place on energy sustainability index

28 october 2013

According to authorities, the data contained in the report of the World Energy Congress (The World Energy Council).

"Index of World Energy Congress is assigned based on a comparative analysis of the energy situation in the country and is based on three factors: energy security, availability of electricity for the population and ecological energy industry. Depending on the success in each direction, countries were assigned a rating from A to D », - said in a statement.

According to the press service of Kazakhstan in the overall standings was rated ABD.

Also increased the rating of Kazakhstan in the field of energy security by reducing accidents, losses, compliance with the standards of various indicators of electricity.

"Our country for the first time in the top ten countries and took the 6th place among 129 countries. We are ahead of the United Kingdom (11th), United States (12th place), China (18th), Switzerland (19th place), Spain (22th place), Sweden (24th place) Germany (31 th place), United Arab Emirates (49th), Georgia (106th) ", - the report says.

In addition, stable performance level of availability of electricity for the population. To date in this category Kazakhstan confidently took the 35th row of 129 countries of the world, well ahead of the United Arab Emirates (37th), Hungary (42 th place), Mexico (47th), Russia (61 th place), Latvia (72 th place), Ukraine (73 th place) and Bulgaria (77th), Turkey (82 th place), China (101 th).

In terms of environmental sustainability, Kazakhstan took 116 place us settled countries such as Kuwait (122nd), China (126th).


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