Kazakhstan's energy plan against MEP allocation of quotas for greenhouse gas emissions

29 october 2013

Urazalinov reported in the Kazakh energy forum "Currently, we held a meeting with the participation of institutions, with the participation of (representatives - KazTAG) stations (generating electricity - KazTAG) and prepared an appeal, sent to the government, so that in any case not to allow approval (developed MEP - KazTAG) national plan for greenhouse gas in this form "

According to him, the government has set the business community and Power Engineers task electricity production capacity, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"All right all right, but we have 83% of coal generation (power plants fueled by coal - KazTAG). As can be simultaneously on coal-fired plant to increase production capacity, increase the amount of coal burned, as you can at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions?" - surprised Urazalinov.

According to him , Kazakhstan only after 2030 will be able to move coal to gas stations .

" Today we produce 91 billion kilowatt / hours of electricity per year by 2030, with the development of economy and consumption necessary to produce 145 and 150 billion kilowatt / hour. Whoever finds alternative to coal until 2030 ? " - Asks Urazalinov .

As reported, the MEP national plan of distribution of emission allowances for 2013. The document presents a list of companies and quota volume of greenhouse gas emissions.

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