Communists called unreasonable increase of communal tariffs

16 january 2014

Application for tariff increases of almost all Kazakh utility providers enrolled in units of the Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies in the end of last year, and that's just today it was announced: all allowed to raise prices - and heat, and energy, and the gas company.

Therefore, today's press conference in Astana, it is possible to call an emergency - you need in advance because, without waiting for rallies and protests, explain to the population that it has risen in price, how much, and most importantly - why, right now. However, the explanations of officials were quite traditional and unoriginal.

Amanzhol Alpysbayev, Deputy. Chairman of the Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies:

- The only reason for the growth is the increase in the cost of tariffs. + Change the tariffs only for destinations poluchennyhsredstv to replace old energy-intensive pumping equipment.

In Astana, the tariff for heat immediately rose by eight per cent. Now the owners, for example, two-bedroom apartment in the capital of each month will pay an average of five tenge more. About the same amount of heat will increase costs for consumers Pavlodar, Kostanay and Petropavlovsk. More expensive and electricity, though slightly - less than one tenge per kilowatt. Gas prices also change insignificantly. However, a slight increase has already caused a great disturbance in the Parliament. Majilismen accused of squandering Kazakhstan monopolists, and current growth rates - unfounded.

Vladislav Kosarev, Majilis deputy:

- Energy tariff increases receive enormous funds. But the development of the material base sent only a small part. The remaining funds are used shamelessly to the discretion of operators.

MPs demanded the government to immediately intervene and check the activities of monopolies as well as those who are on duty should control their appetites. Reaction from the Cabinet is not followed. But if the test still will, auditors will want to pay attention also to the railroad. Tickets to the New Year climbed by seven percent. The reason is the same - expensive fuel and dilapidated infrastructure that needs to be repaired.
Carriers promise in the near future to fix worn path to purchase new locomotives and passenger cars. There is another good news from the official Astana - fuel prices will not change until. Experts assured that at least until the end of March, the price of the most popular gasoline AI-93 will remain the same - 115 tenge per liter.

According to the website of the KTK

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