Compact device will save car fuel

22 october 2013

U.S. company Automatic Labs has developed a compact device that collects process data while driving. Gadget Automatic Link connects to the onboard computer via the diagnostic socket (OBD-II, On-board diagnostic), which is provided in most modern cars. The device monitors such testimony as speed, acceleration and deceleration rate, fuel, forming an overall picture of the style of driving. Gadget costs $ 100.

Wirelessly (Bluetooth 4.0) collected data is transmitted to the mobile device. Information in a convenient form displayed on the screen of the smartphone via a special application that can be downloaded at Apple App Store. Until the end of 2013 should see version for OS Android.

The application analyzes the information and assesses the efficiency drive: the higher the score obtained by the driver, the less fuel consumption. In parallel with the built-in smart GPS-module, the system records the route of the vehicle and place it determines filling. After receiving information on the cost of gasoline (from the Internet) and the amount of fuel filled, carried an automatic calculation of costs.

Automatic Link can read diagnostic error codes when talking about a burning engine malfunction signal Check Engine on the dashboard. If the problem is small, you can try to solve it on their own - the app will prompt manner. In the event of a serious malfunction, the system will find the nearest workshop and write to the reception.

Another useful feature on-board "recorder" is the automatic call rescue services when released in an accident. Detector learns about the accident with the help of built-in accelerometer and sends information about the damage to the servers Automatic. Then worker dispatch service will call emergency assistance if necessary contact with the relatives of the victim. If they do not respond, they will be sent an SMS-message.

In addition, using Atomatic Link motorist can identify a parking space where he left the car. Information about the location of the vehicle can be sent to other users.

The system is currently only valid for residents of the United States of America. But, according to the developers, they are actively working to expand the geography of its product. Atomatic Link is only compatible with gasoline and hybrid vehicles.

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