Last year, 91 % of subjects provided information to the SER through an automated information system

18 may 2020

To digitalize the sphere of energy saving and increase energy efficiency, the Automated Information System was launched in 2016, which provides electronic collection of information from the subjects of the State Energy Register.

The State Energy Register (SER) is a systematic collection of information about the subjects of the State Energy Register, which is a key element of the Energy Efficiency Project in Kazakhstan. This is a database on the list of energy-intensive enterprises that consume energy resources in the amount equivalent to 1,500 or more tons of standard fuel per year, as well as government agencies, quasi-public sector entities and natural monopolies that consume energy resources in the amount equivalent to 100 or more tons of standard fuel per year. Today the register consists of 20,533 subjects.

The portal was developed with a grant from the World Bank within the framework of the project "Improving Energy Efficiency in Kazakhstan". Today, the formation and maintenance of the portal is carried out by the JSC “Electric power and energy saving development Institute”.

The introduction of the AIS "SER" made it possible to optimize the process of collecting and processing data, as well as to increase the efficiency of the relationship between SER subjects and the National Development Institute in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency.

The modern system is a portal solution, a structured storage of information with easy navigation and analytical capabilities to optimize the processes of interaction between SER participants.

According to the results of 2019, 91% of the subjects provided information to the State Energy Register through an automated information system.

To date, the issue of developing an automated information system is being considered by adding the module "Database" Energy Efficiency Map. ”The introduction of the new module will have a positive impetus to the scaling of energy service projects.

The introduction of the energy register in Kazakhstan was based on the experience of Japan, because currently Japan is one of the best countries in the world in terms of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement. The Register identifies the main consumers of energy resources and allows the state to monitor their energy consumption and encourage energy conservation.

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