New inexhaustible source of energy pushes the boundaries of the possibility

12 march 2014

Counterintuitive method proposed by the physicists, is not contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. Energy in accordance with it, accumulates by the difference in temperature between the hot solid on the ground and cold space. The article describes two approaches by which this energy can be harvested.

The first method is based on an apparatus, two of which have different temperatures. Getting electricity from the temperature difference is simple – for this purpose the thermoelectric generators are. The key idea of the authors is lowering the temperature of the cold portion of the device through an infrared radiation into space. According to the calculations of physicists, by this you can get a few watts per square meter.

The second method uses a thermal noise in the electrical circuit of the diode and resistance. When the temperature of the diode (through one direction only through it) is higher than temperature resistance, it gives a rise in voltage circuit. To use this strain, the resistance must be an efficient antenna that emits infrared waves into space. Arranged on these principles generator, authors understand how to assemble panel array large number of microscopic diode-resistor circuits.

Both ways of extracting energy scientists propose to use in combination with solar panels. According to the authors, it will increase their efficiency due to the fact that at night the panels will go into reverse, "radiative" mode. Thus, the authors do not specify how difficult it will be to equip solar panels similar to function and whether it will be economically advantageous.

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