New gadget generates electricity using microwave energy.

11 november 2013

The device consists of five circuits of fiberglass and copper conductors connected to a printed circuit board. This five-element array of metamaterial is able to collect the microwaves and convert them into electric current with a voltage of 7.3 volts. Americans compared this device with the charger for mobile devices with USB-connector, which delivers a current with a voltage of 5 volts. According to the researchers, the transition to a similar arrangement allowed them to increase the efficiency of the system with 6 to 37 percent, which is comparable with the efficiency of the best solar panels.

The discovery opens a huge opportunity. For example, the metamaterial can be integrated into mobile phones that will allow them to be recharged from electromagnetic fields during the transition to standby mode, or in sensors for remote from centers of civilization objects that will be charged on top of the flying satellites.

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