Transition to a "green economy" is becoming a top priority in the development of Almaty - VIII Civic Forum

17 october 2013

This forum is dedicated to the theme "Green Economy - Almaty choice." The purpose of the Civil Society Forum - creating a dialogue platform for the analysis of the problems of sustainable development of the NGO sector and its interaction with the public and authorities. The forum was held on the eve of 6 Republican civil forum, which will be held on November 14-15 in Astana.

The Almaty Akim said that in the last 5 years to support the non-profit sector has been directed 553 million tenge. Total implemented 288 social projects. Over the years, in social services have been created to provide free services to people with disabilities, support centers repatriates, the patriotic education of youth, open and free telephone line to provide psychological and legal assistance to socially vulnerable segments of society.

"As you know, we now face the problem of transition from an economy based on the production of hydrocarbon resources to the" green economy ", which was announced in the Message of the President of Kazakhstan Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050 ". Almaty is the hub of innovative ideas and big projects. Transition to the "green economy" is becoming a top priority in the development of our city. Considering that 42% of scientific research comes to our city it is clear that the proportion of Almaty in this program should be great "- Akhmetzhan Yesimov said.

The mayor also noted that today in Almaty taking comprehensive measures to improve the environment and energy saving . Within the framework of the "Year of development of public transport " in December 2013 and completed construction of the second municipal bus fleet and in 2014, construction will begin on the third municipal park. Akimat from the local budget has purchased 400 buses running on natural gas . Also purchased 195 new trolleybuses and 17 trams. Today they ply on city routes . Thus , the share of environmentally friendly mode of transport will be 50 %.

The construction of the metro stations "Sayran" and "Moscow", which will be commissioned next year. In addition, consideration is the construction of light-rail vehicles. An important element in improving the transport model will be building on the two main entrances of the city bus stations and three bus stations, the equipped parking for 5,000 cars each.

In conclusion, Akhmetzhan Yesimov instructed specialized departments of the city and district governors to expand cooperation with non-governmental organizations, to consider issues of state social order placement. In addition, the mayor instructed to provide mechanisms for supporting projects of NGOs and citizens to introduce elements of "green economy"


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