The first electric car for people with disabilities was designed in Croatia

07 january 2014

A unique project designers Vedran Martinek and Dario Droputsik. First time, the possibility of creating a similar car, mechanicals thought a few years ago, and initially their EQUAL project was supposed to be an ordinary car. But given the current trends of the automotive industry, the team turned a concept of electric car. Although, EQUAL still a concept, it has already attracted a lot of attention. To implement the project into life, its creators need only to collect at least 150,000 dollars. Regarding the cost of electric cars for disabled people, it has not been announced.
EQUAL electrocar feature is that it is designed for people who cannot walk, have back problems or problems with hands. Thanks to EQUAL, any person confined to a wheelchair, able to sit behind the wheel, while it will be once and for all rid of the inconvenience that disables have with any other car. EQUAL electrocar has no doors, instead behind the car opens a special hatch with ladder, in a cargo plane.
Once on his chair in the cabin EQUAL, a person can fix a wheelchair with special locks. And the system also provides a seat belt, which is also configured individually for each person. EQUAL driver can adjust the steering wheel and height. All configuration steps, salon EQUAL performes easily, and each locking latch has a special sticker hints that facilitates the process of "fitting" cars. EQUAL car can be operated without using the feet, it is equipped with an automatic transmission.
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