Passage of the heating period, the Committee on the Control Gosenergonadzor MINT RK

14 january 2014

In general, the Unified Energy System of Kazakhstan is stable , with the exception of searches Uzbek power grid. At GRES- 1 in the 4 blocks on GRES- 2 - 2 blocks to the AO " ECE " - 8 blocks to Zhambyl GRES - 2 blocks . Depots accumulated 5.1 million tons of coal, which is 16% higher than last year . Oil accumulated 171 thousand tons, which is 46% more than the corresponding period last year. This margin corresponds approved by the Government Norms operational reserve of fuel in the autumn-winter period for energy producing organizations.

However, at the beginning of the new year was in violation of technological West Kazakhstan region. Accident on the electric lines provoked a sharp drop in temperature and high humidity. By working together Energy, MOE officers and representatives of local authorities power supply to the settlements affected areas was restored.

In particular, a highly unsatisfactory celebrated passage of the heating period for SME "Teplokommunenergo." Supply of coal for thermal power station-1 is 15 days at a rate of 20 days. Also, coal CHP Kentau is 16 days at a rate of 20. In addition, the overhaul of the main equipment now "Kentau Service" in the current year is not provided. Unacceptable temperature graphs of thermal networks at lower outdoor temperatures marked by years. Balkhash, Zhezkazgan, Semey, Kostanay Kentau.

Summarizing the meeting, Chairman of the Committee Arman Turlubek stressed that the process through the heating season is under constant control of Gosenergonadzor of MINT RK.

In addition, the plan was discussed repairs at power plants on the next heating season. Committee revealed failure frequency of repairs to major equipment, utilities near Aktobe, Akmola, Zhambyl, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanai, East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Mangistau, North Kazakhstan oblasts, Astana and Almaty.

In addition, marked the low volumes of repair work in Kostanai region "Zhitikarakommunenergo." In this regard Akimats recommended to study in detail the work planned for 2014. and aligned with the approved regulations, organization and maintenance, and repair of equipment, buildings and structures of power, thermal and electrical networks.


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