Rawlemon - unusual device, light energy

08 january 2014
Rawlemon - unusual device, light energy

For what is so unusual object? The thing is that Rawlemon accumulates light energy. Not only the sun, but in general any other light energy, even if it comes from burning candles or light bulbs next flashlight. Of course, this light is not able to compete with sunlight, but, nevertheless, Rawlemon absorbs it. Rawlemon converts stored energy and stores in several accumulators and after what unusual device can pour it into the world.

Rawlemon consists of three main elements: electric batteries with accumulators, legs and huge glass of spherical lens. This lens and absorbs the light energy , but also, if necessary, this energy can splash back. Set the neighbors’ house on fire with the help of  Rawlemon  and directed beam of light will not work, but the lighten up the the windowas in the middle of the night it is possible. The creators of the device claim that their Rawlemon is 70 % more efficient in collecting solar energy than the average available solar battery. Accumulation of energy is constantly in charge of Rawlemon ,the question is, how fast it happens. Since the light is always there, even at night, Rawlemon will charge very slowly.

The use of Rawlemon is various. The device can be used as a personal home projector, it can illuminate the starry sky and arrange light show at the party. In addition, the energy stored in the batteries can be spent not only on delivering a headache to all neighbor, but also on something more useful and practical. For example, using Rawlemon can increase volatility at home, because in fact the owner will have a very powerful Rawlemon solar cell, in terms of efficiency comparable to those used in spacecraft.

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