Scientist proposes to build the first railway train on magnetic cushion in Kazakhstan

02 october 2013

Lead engineer points to achievements of American Tubular Rail as an example. This company offers its services on developing the maglev – magnetic railway trains which levitate in the air, holding to two magnetic rings.
According to Bektemisov, train doesn’t need a continuous magnetic sheet - just two points of support. According to the inventor, the cost of the road for such trains will be reduced from 3 million to 200,000 dollars per kilometer.
Scientist proposes to build a first magnetic path between Almaty and Astana. Average train speed - 500 kilometers per hour. passengers will not hear banging wheels, because the train is almost in flight. And the cost of the tickets will be inexpensive. Maglev because of the lack of friction will consume 2 times less energy than a standard electric train.


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