Today is the International Saving Day

31 october 2013

On the last day of the Congress - October 31 - the idea is the fact that "in memory of the first meeting of the savings banking institutions of all countries" every year to celebrate this day as World Savings Day (savings) (World Savings Day). Italian professor Ravizza (Ravizza) proclaimed this day as the International Day savings (International Saving Day).

However, to dedicate this day, according to its creators, should not only savings money but also savings in the wide sense of the word: to save time, effort, careful attitude to things and similar topics.

In 1989, the International Day of Savings Directive UN formalized.

Today, many have forgotten about the existence of the World Day for savings, partly because it coincides with Halloween.

International Day is celebrated annually on saving the world on October 31, except in those countries where this date is a holiday, because the idea of the Day was the fact that all banks were open, and the public has the opportunity to transfer their savings account. In Germany, for example, the World Day for saving notes on the last business day prior to October 31, since October 31 is a holiday in some areas (Reformation Day), according

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