"Sunny" shed promoting reduction of the cost of electricity

30 october 2013

Solar panels are able to generate from 2.44 to 7,321 kW of electricity, depending on location and weather conditions. With this standalone Solar Canopy shed can be used in all kinds of situations, including as a shelter and a portable energy source in areas of natural and manmade disasters.

It is assumed that the canopy Solar Canopy will be available in four configurations:
Solar Canopy Mini, having dimensions of 4.5 mx 4.2 m and a capacity of 2440 watts of solar panels;
Solar Canopy Model 1, with dimensions of 2.25 mx canopy 8.1 m and a capacity of 2440 watts;
Solar Canopy Model 2, equipped with a 4880 Watt solar panels and having a surface area of 4.2 m canopy x 8.1 m;
Solar Canopy Model 3 having dimensions of 6.75 mx canopy 8.1m solar power and 7320 watts.

According to the company NRG Energy, solar canopy is part of a full-scale solar installation, which includes roof, ground rack and parking pavilion. Functionality of the solar canopy is completely dependent on its owner - Solar Canopy can be both fully autonomous and connected to the mains. Canopy can also be configured to bimodal mode electricity consumption (from the sun and from the network).

By the way, the manufacturer NRG Energy has already appeared first buyers Solar Canopy. This is not surprising, considering all the rising demand for functional and environmental friendly solutions in construction and architecture. In particular, one of the largest U.S. corporations tourist Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide plans to install solar canopies its facilities in different configurations, which are believed in the company, not only will help reduce energy costs and reduce the "carbon footprint", but will new element of the architectural design of numerous hotels and resorts company.


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