ALL "Аlmaty thermal networks" has inculcated and organized the energymanagement (EnMS) system

03 february 2014

In Kazakhstan introduction of energymanagement is regulated by Law of The Republic of Kazakhstan from January, 13, 2012 № 541 - IV Concerning energy saving and energy efficiency improvement:  According to the article 10 "Energymanagement" of law in force of RK Concerning energy saving and energy efficiency improvement, subjects of state power register, consuming power resources in a volume equivalent to thousand five hundred and more than tons of conditional fuel in a year, are under an obligation to create, inculcate and organize the energymanagement (EnMS) system in accordance with the requirements of international standard on an energymanagement.

The effective use of energy helps organizations to economize money and resources, and also to make an effort counteract to the change of climate. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all industries in their efforts to use energy more effectively by means of development of the system of power management.

Advantage from introduction of the system of power management :
* increase of power effectiveness;
* operating cost cutout;
* increase of energy efficiency;

* decline of power-hungryness;
* energy - and
* decline of affecting environment;
* decline of extrass of greenhouse gases;

* providing of accordance to the law of Republic of Kazakhstan Concerning energy saving and energy efficiency improvement;
* demonstration of social responsibility;
* improvement of image at the market;
* attractiveness for investments;
* stimulus for innovations.

Within the framework of introduction of EnMS (Energymanagement system)  in ТОО "АлТС" (Association with limit liability of "Almaty thermal networks") large work was conducted on realization of measures in area of energy-savings, that resulted in the cost of electric power cutting on service-utility needs as compared to 10 months 2012 year on 914137 kW*h), to the decline of consumption of motor fuel on 33144562 л), to the decline of consumption of cold water on 71 475 м3).

Measures were similarly conducted on modernisation of equipment, substituting of pumps by modern with the frequency adjusting, перекладка of thermal networks with application of the pre-isolated pipes, repair of thermal isolation is executed on pipelines, that must result in the economy of electric energy on productive needs and to the decline of losses of thermal energy.

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