Ford C-MAX Solar Energi with a solar panel on the roof will present in Las Vegas

09 january 2014

Experimental concept car is a so-called plug-in hybrid with blokomakkumulyatornyh batteries that can be charged not only with the connector connected to the power system, but also by solar energy. The structure of the car comes with a special hub that acts as a magnifying glass - it "catches" the sunlight and directs it to the solar panel mounted on the roof.

According to the manufacturer, recycling solar energy into electrical system reduces fuel consumption by up to 2.35 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. Obtained as follows: if the sun is shining, Ford C-MAX Solar Energi is able to pass on a single tank of up to thousands of kilometers. This will not only save on fuel, but significantly reduce the emissions of harmful substances.

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi - a product of joint work of experts from Ford Motor, the company SunPower Corp. and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology). In the future, Ford engineers plan to test the car to see if you can find this system practical application.

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