In the Krasnoyarsk region appeared the first unique energy-efficient house

28 october 2013

Unique energy-efficient 24 -apartment house, built in Divnogorsk , is the only one in the Krasnoyarsk region and the third in the Siberian Federal District. Its construction began in November 2012 in the framework of the regional program " Resettlement of emergency housing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory " financed by the regional and local budgets and Housing Reform Fund . Cost of the project - almost 58 million rubles.

Modern technologies allow to reduce heat loss and energy consumption, which leads to cost reductions residents to pay utility bills up to 36%.

When building a house used as insulation extruded polystyrene , windows are made of low-emissivity glass . The equipment , which is equipped with a "smart house" , includes solar panels , heat pumps , ventilation system with heat recovery air sensors automatically turn off the electricity in the common areas , block heating station with scheduling , which provides automatic regulation of heat supply . Each apartment counters . The cost of equipment with a 15- year warranty was 12 million rubles. According to the head of Divnogorsk Yegor Olya to recoup the money spent , you will need 10 years.

Total in Russia operates 42 energy-efficient homes. Another 17 are in the process of design and construction.

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