The testing of a new type multifuel engine completed.

17 january 2014

A new type of engine called Waste Heat Engine (WHE) is a device for burning fuel prevrascheniyateplovoy energy into mechanical work. Actually, the same and makes the internal combustion engine (ICE), but in contrast WHE - is an external combustion engine.

Principle of operation WHE is very simple: in the outer combustion chamber heats the coolant, deionized water, which in turn pushes the pistons or turbine spinning. WHE efficiency does not exceed that of a diesel engine, an external combustion engine but has several advantages.

Firstly, WHE can consume any fuel: the liquid or gaseous. This may be ethanol, diesel fuel, gasoline, coal, biomass, or mixtures thereof - in short, everything, including the heat of sunlight, exhaust steam, etc. For example, in the initial tests used fuels derived from orange peels, palm or cottonseed oil, chicken fat. While biofuels can not dilute the oil, and hence the release of WHE engine can be cleaner. Since WHE can operate at a relatively low temperature of 225 degrees Celsius, it can be used for a variety of heat sources.

One of the main advantages WHE - minimal number of parts and a simple device than the engine. External combustion does not require a complex system of valves and timing, although because of the high pressure is necessary to apply high-strength materials. In general, WHE-DR much lighter than traditional combustion engines. Thus, a typical 4-cylinder engine cylinder block weighs about 90 kg, whereas the same aluminum cylinder block WHE weighs about 35 kg.

Manufacturing cost WHE should be no higher than similar stoimostizgotovleniya power engine, but the new engine will be easier and be able to use the cheapest fuels.

WHE engines can be used throughout the power range. In particular, небольшиеэлектрогенераторы ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW will be small in size and will be able to eat any kind of fuel, which is extremely important for the emergency power sources. The same engines can be used for small equipment like lawn mowers, or make them in packages for use in industry, marine vessels, etc.

Engines WHE midsize power 100-400 hp ideal for cars and small boats and large engines from 400 to 1000 hp - For vehicles.
Due to the absence of smoke, vibration, less noise during operation and a greener exhaust, external combustion engines can be used to supply urban trains and other public transport.

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